Minister for Environment works in partnership with a team of Prince Charles to promote Carpathian mountains

Environment Minister Rovana Plumb said, on Wednesday, that she has a close collaboration with Prince Charles and his team, as concerns the protection and promotion of the Carpathian mountains region of Romania.

„The ministry is involved in drafting a strategy on Carpathian mountains and on promotion of ecotourism. I work in partnership with the team of Prince Charles, who promotes all what means Romania and the Carpathian mountains zone „, said Rovana Plumb, on the occasion of the International Tourism Conference, hosted by the Parliament House in Bucharest.

Rovana Plumb pointed out that the ministry she heads will work with the SME and Tourism Minister, Maria Grapini, to implement some measures, set to turn the Delta ecosystem and tourism into an important component of the European tourism.

The Environment Minister also said that the Danube Delta is already an internationally recognized destination and that, at the level of this area, important steps have been made towards the development of ecotourism.

„Three visitor centers were made, a thematic route called Nature Trail, numerous trails on the water or on land, a strategic plan was worked out for sustainable tourism development, a raising awareness strategy, an urban planning regulation and navigation rules, numerous ecotourism programs were created, promoted via the tour operators in the country or abroad „, Plumb explained.

She considers that one of the goals underlying the strategic plan for sustainable tourism development in the Danube Delta is exploring the Delta „in a slow manner”, taking into account the need to protect the natural heritage and cultural values, respect for communities, the environment and local traditions .

„We act to this end, by directing the flow of visitors and redistributing pressure on natural habitats through filters (time and / or accessibility – by a semi-natural blockage of some areas, access allowed only to craft with no engine, or low power engine) product integration, local traditions and gastronomy in tourism offers, creation of some special tracks for walking, biking, canoeing, tourist offer diversification through integration of bird watching packages in the general offer”, Rovana Plumb also said.

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