Romania had over 20,121 million inhabitants, in October 2011


Romania’s stable population was 20,121,641 people, on October 20, 2011, of whom 10,333,064 women (51.4 percent) show the final results of the Population and Housing Census – 2011, published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

According to INS, compared to the situation found out at the previous census, the stable population decreased by 1,559,300 persons, of whom 779,200 women, mainly due to external migration. Statistics show that 1,883,400 people were living in Bucharest.

Population distribution by area of residence show that 10,859,000 people were living in cities and municipalities, accounting for 54.0 percent of the total stable population.

Compared to the situation revealed by the penultimate census, the share of stable urban population increased by 1.3 percentage points at the expense of rural areas.

On October 20, 2011, the structure of the population in terms of age showed a share of 15.9 percent of children aged 0-14 of the total stable population.

Young population (15-24 years) accounts for 12.3 percent, mature people (25-64 years old) make up the majority (55.7 percent) and people aged 65 and over account for 16.1 percent of the total.

Persons aged 85 years and over hold a share of 1.3 percent of the total stable population.

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