Over 30 tourism products are certified in Eco-Romania system


Over 30 tourism products (eco-friendly tourism programmes and pension houses) were certified in the Eco-Romania System, while the assessment by the National Tourism Authority (ANT) of more ten travel destinations is in progress, informs the release the Association of Eco Tourism in Romania (AER) .

‘After an exactly ten-year work, the dreams of the Association of Eco-Tourism in Romania are coming true, as ANT began seeing ecotourism, beside the cultural and the balneary one, as a key pillar of the Romanian tourism, and most of the Romanian tourism industry’s officials joined the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organization. AER promised, even since it was set up, ten years before, to adopt the eco-tourism principles and to persuade its members to join the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, part in the Eco-Romania Certification system,’ AER President Andrei Blumer said.

AER is to organize the European Eco-tourism Conference, in Romania, on Oct 23-25, 2013. The Conference’s goal is the place Romania on the map of the European tourism.

AER mission is to promote and develop the eco-tourism, and to contribute to the conservation of the nature, and to support the local communities living in areas of natural value. Thus, AER makes its contribution to the increase in the quality of the eco-tourism services and to promote nature as an element of Romania’s tourism images.

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