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Vasile Blaga (PDL): I told Venice Commission delegation it must take into account 2009 referendum

President of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in Opposition) Vasile Blaga said, on Thursday, that he told members of the Venice Commission Delegation that the revision of the Constitution needs to take into account the referendum of 2009, when the majority of population pronounced for an unicameral parliament and 300 MPs.

‘I have told them very clearly that we argue as mandatory that the referendum results are taken into account, validated in 2009 by a large majority of the population, who pronounced in favor of an unicameral Parliament with 300 MPs and I also said we did not agree with the manner in which the parliamentary majority wants to define itself as the ultimate power of decision in the state, because we could not speak of any balance of powers in the state, of the mutual respect that the powers must confer each other. On the contrary, we see that the freedoms of citizens will be restricted, since a popular referendum can not be carried out without the Parliament’s assent and that , each time, only this institution, the Parliament, would have the last word in any collision with any other power in the state’, said Blaga after the meeting of PDL representatives with the delegation of the Council of Europe Commission for democracy through law (the Venice Commission).

He added that he also told the Commission of Venice Delegation that PDL can not agree that the Parliament’s decisions can not be challenged at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) and gave examples from the past ( Diaconu case), when the Parliament refused to implement the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, requiring CCR intervention in this situation.

‘In essence, we are convinced that the current power does nothing but is trying to put into practice, more elegantly, what it did not manage last summer. Also then, they wanted to let CCR without attributions, now they remove it completely from the game. I stressed that it is wished a change of regime in the country, namely a parliamentary republic, because actually the president is completely eliminated from the game, he/she is no longer mentioned in the executive power, a thing that the Legislative Council also castigates’, Blaga also said.

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