Genesis Biopartner plans to have in operation at least 10 biogas stations, over next 3-4 years

Genesis Biopartner has planned to have in operation, over the next 3-4 years, at least 10 biogas stations for cogeneration, said Michael Dietrich, investor and founder of the company, on the occasion of the launch of the first Romanian station of producing renewable energy in cogeneration, from biogas.

„Cogeneration means using both electricity and thermal energy. We have 1 MW installed power, in the station inaugurated on Tuesday, and the equivalent of 1.2 MW thermal energy. The functioning principle is simple, based on the organic mass, that can be green, any waste or organic resource „, said Dietrich.

According to him, the electricity is injected into the national grid.

„Heat is converted into steam and go to the sausage factory CrisTim. It is the first station both for us and for Romania. At Europe’s level there are now about 10,000 stations in operation, with a total capacity of 5,000 MW. The total value of the investment is five million euros, financed from own funds. We get 3 green certificates per MW / h in the grid. In the worst case we hope to recover the investment in 8-10 years” , Genesis Biopartner official explained.

Genesis Biopartner, a Romanian holding formed of Baupartner Romania partnership and Vireo Energy Sweden, opened on Tuesday the first Romanian station of renewable energy in cogeneration, based on biogas. The biogas station built at Filipestii de Padure, Prahova County (south) is processing daily 49 tons of organic material.

The project was conducted at the technical level by AB Energy and MT Energy companies, which provided the necessary equipment for the cogeneration installation, starting from treating the biogas until its transformation into electricity and recovery of thermal energy (AB Energy) and respectively the technology designed for the fermentation line, as well as automating all the technology flux for producing biogas (MT Energy).

Genesis Biopartner – Holding was established in order to invest in the creation of a broad portfolio of stations for the production of renewable energy in cogeneration, from biogas, throughout Romania, using both agricultural green mass and organic waste as sources of renewable energy, with positive effect on job creation and environmental protection.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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