Philippe Gustin: French Premier’s visit to Romania confirms relaunch of relations between our countries

The visit to be paid by French Premier Jean-Marc Ayrault to Bucharest on July 11 and 12 confirms the relaunch of the relations between France and Romania, French Ambassador to Romania Philippe Gustin exclusively told.

He said that the strategic partnership between the two states laid emphasis on the development of the economic relations and stressed the fact that French businessmen in Romania, ‘like all the investors the world over, expect political stability and predictability.’

‘This visit by the French Premier comes after the one paid by the Romanian Premier to Paris in February. The two Heads of Government then signed the new roadmap of the strategic partnership. Now Jean-Marc Ayrault takes the invitation extended by his Romanian counterpart and this visit confirms the relaunch of the relations between our countries,’ said Philippe Gustin.

The Ambassador said that France and Romania had similar approaches to the energy independence or to questions referring to defence and that the strategic partnership implied, for instance, ‘the creation of a group for interactions referring to some important subjects such as the energy transition.’

The diplomat said that he frequently went to the Romanian counties, where he discussed with the local authorities that present him the opportunities they offer in terms of industrial parks, taxation.

‘These trips also make it possible for me to come across companies running French capital, which are to be found all over Romania. … Like all the investors in all the countries the world over, they expect political stability and predictability,’ said Philippe Gustin.

When asked of the way the cooperation with the Romanian authorities in the Roma inclusion evolved, he said that this was a difficult subject, which is not to be solved by miracles.

‘Steps must be taken in this respect: we must struggle, through an exemplary police and judiciary cooperation, against the networks exploiting the Roma in France and in Europe and one must develop policies of social inclusion in Romania and in the countries where the Roma want to get integrated, by observing the laws,’ added Philippe Gustin.

When it comes to Romania entering the Schengen area, he mentioned the fact that ‘France already suggested an accession in stages. This is a collective decision whose deadline will be the Justice and Home Affairs Council due in December.’

Referring to the desideratum of Premier Victor Ponta to consolidate the relations both with the western countries and with the Asian ones, the diplomat made it clear that Romania was a sovereign state, which can promote the foreign policy it wanted.

‘We live in a globalized world and it is good to cultivate the best relations with other big states and especially with Asia, where 60 percent of the world’s population live,’ added Philippe Gustin.

The last French Premier that paid an official visit to Bucharest was Dominique de Villepin, on February 1, 2013. The visit marked the beginning of redefining the bilateral cooperation from the point of view of Romania’s new status as a country having full rights in the European Union.

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