Romania stays a supporter of EU enlargement process, State advisor Luminita Odobescu assures

Romania was, is and will stay a supporter of the European Union enlargement process, State advisor Luminita Odobescu on Wednesday told the conference „The EU Enlargement process”, organized by the Representation of the European Commission in Bucharest.

„The enlargement process benefits all European partners and Croatia’s accession is a sign that this is still possible. If you did your homework and meet the criteria, the door of the EU remains open,” said Odobescu, who presented the government’s point of view on the topic of the debate. „Expansion has been a reform generator in all candidate countries,” Odobescu noted.

„Romania hopes that the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius will be a success. The recent progress made by the Republic of Moldova deserves recognition and this country should be given a clear integration perspective,’ the state advisor said, speaking in the introductory session of the conference.

„Enlargement is written in the European Union’s ‘DNA‘,” head of the EC Representation in Romania Niculae Idu declared in his turn, after a brief presentation of the successive stages of the EU enlargement process. „I emphasize, on behalf of the European Commission, that EU enlargement is part of the solution to the problems arising from the economic crisis,” Idu said, after previously remarking that some voices question the viability of this process.

The Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union Council calls on all member states to contribute to a credible and sustainable Europe, was the invitation Ambassador of Lithuania in Romania Vladimir Jarmolenko began his speech with. In context, he reminded that his country took over the rotating Presidency of the community bloc on July 1.

Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. This year we have the opportunity to make progress in the cooperation with each of these countries, said the head of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission, who also considers that the Summit in Vilnius is an opportunity for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The conference organized by the European Commission Representation took place at the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel in the presence of a broad audience that included Romanian state officials, diplomats, journalists, academics and students.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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    La capitolul engleza, pe partea de gramatica se sta prost, foarte multe dezacorduri, cuvinte si reguli de punctuatie nerespectate.
    Avand in vedeRe ca vorbim un site citit de foarte multe persoane, ar fi bine sa puneti accent si pe partea de calitate o modului cum redati informatia.
    Multumesc anticipat!

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