Futsal for the blind, novelty in Romania


The National Paralympics Committee, in partnership with the Ministry for Youth and Sports launched the We’ll be equal through sports programme, happening part in the Pierre de Coubertin Project, over June 18 – December 5, 2013, and it is aimed at increasing the number of sports people and attracting more blind young people in the Paralympic sports.

The Programme has been enacted by the National Paralympics Committee for six sports, namely athletics, swimming, table tennis, tennis, judo and futsal for the blind, which is new in Romania.

The first futsal event for the blind in Romania is sponsored by the Dolce Sports television, and is due at the High School for the Blind, in Cluj-Napoca (central west), on July 18-20, informs a release sent to Agerpres.. The goal of the event is to form and train four futsal teams wherefrom the players of the national futsal team for the blind will be selected. The first Romanian National Futsal Championships happen in Nov. 2013.

Futsal for the blind is new in Romania. Those who play futsal for the blind compete under the same rules as regular futsal with modifications only for safety and to allow players to track the ball and orient themselves.

The four players of the team are blind or partially sighted, whereas the goalkeeper is normal sighted.

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