Bear Lake, in Sovata, a holder of three world records

The largest heliothermal lake in the world, Lacul Ursu (the Bear Lake), which is the most frequented place by tourists who visit Sovata spa resort (County of Mures, center), holds three world records, claims historian Jozsa Andras.

„The first record is that this heliothermal lake is the largest lake in the world and unique in Europe. The second record, it is the only saltwater lake surrounded by a rich vegetation. This is due to the volcanic soil deposited in time. The third World Record – the Bear Lake is the only natural lake in the world with the birthday known with an accuracy of one minute. It was formed in 1875, on May 27, at 11:00 hrs „, the historian specified.

Jozsa said that, on the current lake location, there was a pasture in 1875, where two streams flowed disappearing into a hole dug into the mountain of salt.
„At that time, May 27, 1875, two salt guardians were gathering the hay, and at 11:00 a torrential rain came, which took the hay away and covered the respective hole, so perfectly that the Bear Lake still exists. We do not have too much fresh water, water dissolves the salt. The long life of the lake is also due to the fact that we have two very weak streams. The lake is situated on a mountain of salt, which has a depth of three kilometers. In 1000 grams of water there are 330 grams of salt”, he stressed.

At the end of Sovata Bear Lake there is another unique place in the world, namely the „Brushes on salty places”, a salt mountain covered with vegetation.

The „Bear Lake and the brushes on salty places” covers an area of 79 ha, includes two arranged lakes, Ursu and Alunis (Hazel brushes), as well as four other wild lakes, respectively Rosu (Red), Verde (Green), Paraschiva and Mierlei (Blackbird) lakes.

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