Narrow gauge train, once again in operation, between Abrud and Cimpeni

„Mocanita”, the narrow gauge train, which for a century made the connection between Abrud, Alba County, and Turda, Cluj County, disbanded in 1997 „for economic reasons”, is once again in operation, starting with this week-end, for tourists, on Abrud-Gura Rosiei-Cimpeni route.

Since 2005, „Mocanita”, a narrow gauge train, with a steam locomotive and two vintage carriages, is running for a few days every summer, at the initiative of an Austrian investor, Georg Hocevar, who tried in this way to demonstrate that such a train could be a point of attraction for tourists.

The town halls of Abrud, Rosia Montana and Cimpeni recently concluded a cooperation protocol with the Association for the preservation of narrow gauge railways in Romania, aiming at the administration, promotion, rehabilitation and operation of the narrow gauge railway on Abrud-Gura Rosiei-Cimpeni route.

The narrow gauge rail in Apuseni Mountains was built in the late nineteenth century – beginning of the twentieth century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The train running on that railway was called „Mocanita” because the people of that area are also known as „mocani” (an archaism for shepherds).(National News Agency AGERPRES)


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