Basescu: Correct solution, Ponta should be interim Transports Minister till signing CFR Marfa privatization contract

President Traian Basescu thinks that the only correct solution is that Premier Victor Ponta should be interim Minister of Transports till they sign the contract on the privatization of CFR Marfa Company.

„I think that, given the circumstances in transports, the only correct solution is that the interim Minister of Transports, who is familiar and publicly appreciated the privatization process of CFR Marfa, should stay in office at least till they sign the privatization contract [of CFR Marfa]”, said President Basescu in a press statement he made at the Cotroceni Palace.

In context he revealed the fact that one more reason for which he delayed the process of designating the new Minister of Transports was that he did not want to appoint a minister who did not watch the privatization process of CFR Marfa.

He also said that Ponta should assume the ‘political responsibility’ in the case of the CFR Marfa privatization.

Basescu added that he had told the Premier it was inopportune to designate a minister who was not involved in any way in the privatization process of CFR Marfa.

„CFR Marfa is a big company, it is the biggest company for carrying goods in Romania, it is a strategic company through the tasks it has in situations requiring moves of the Romanian army in possible crisis situations and also it is a company that has tasks it assumed when it came to NATO transport needs. This is why the company was also in the focus of the Supreme Council of National Defence [CSAT] and strictly for these fields, not for what some politicians are trying to say, the privatization was approved by CSAT. No, CSAT does not deal with bargaining, with money, it only deals with questions of national security. But CSAT requested it should be a strategic investor,” explained President Basescu. (National News Agency AGERPRES)

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