The stage for Rock the City festival: 20 m in height, 1,500 sq m of surface covered

Organisers of this year’s edition of Rock the City festival will build up at the Romexpo complex in Bucharest a stage to measure 20 metres in height and to cover a total surface of 1,500 sq m, while weighing 150 tonnes.

The sound system to be used will be one of the most modern existing on the market, made up of more than 100 high power boxes to ‘rock’ the Romexpo complex during the two days of the festival.

The lights’ configuration will depend on the needs of each band to perform, with a spectacular light show having been prepared especially for the Rammstein concert. The same concert will also bring an exceptional pyrotechnic show.

The Rammsteins are famous for using fire in their shows, the band’s vocal, Till Lindemamm, being also a licensed pyrotehnician. During the show in Bucharest he will be more than once fully engulfed in flames. There will be more than ten different pyrotechnical elements used during the Rammstein show itself.

Rock the City 2013 will be carried out on July 27-28 at the Romexpo Complex in Bucharest. In the first day of the festival, there are going to perform Goodbye to Gravity, Boon, Rezident Ex, Enaslaved and Heaven Shall Burn, following on Sunday the stage to belong to Psychogod, White Walls, Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine and Rammstein.

Rock the City 2013 is organized by Marcel Avram and East European Events, in cooperation with D&D East Entertainment. (National News Agency AGERPRES)

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