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Romania to open eight trade and economy promoting offices

Romania will open eight trade and economy promoting offices, namely in Russia (Sankt Petersburg), Iraq, Qatar (Doha), Vietnam (Hanoi), Indonesia (Jakarta), Senegal (Dakar), Kenya (Nairobi) and in Hong Kong, Economy Minister Varuijan Vosganian told a news conference.

He also stressed that Romania‘s economic promotion offices in Dublin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Tripoli and Damascus will be temoprarily shut down, and one of Romania‘s three economy advisors in Beijing go to Hong Kong.

Vosganian also said that Romania currently numbers 83 trade envoys abroad, but entire traditional market areas of Romania’s exports are not covered. For instance, Romania’s trade representative in South America a fewer than France has in Bucharest.
Economy Ministry (ME) State Secretary Manuel Donescu said that ME plans to relocate several of Romania’s economic promotion offices, and help the Romanian companies to access certain emerging markets, in the short run.

Economy Minister stressed that Romania‘s exports have been one of the pillars of th economic growth in 2013, and along with the industry and the agriculture they can generated an economic growth ranging between 2.2 and 2.5 percent, during this year.

Over the first five months of the year, Romania’s trade deficit has amounted to 2.2 billion euros, by 1.5 billion euros lower than that of the same time span, last year. The exports went up to 19.7 billion euros, while the imports dropped to 21.9 billion euros.
The EU exports increased by 4.7 percent and advanced 8.2 percent in the non-EU area.

Romania’s exports grew by 36 percent to the UK, by 33 percent to the Russian Federation, by 25 percent to Brazil, by 17 percent to China and by 19 percent to Canada.

Economy Minister Vosganian also emphasized that almost 80 percent of Romania’s exports are manufactured products, 43 percent are transport vehicles and equipment, 33.8 percent represent other manufactured products, and 6.3 percent are chemical products. (National News Agency AGERPRES)

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