Victor Ponta: I hope a motorway linking Muntenia to Transilvania and Moldova to be ready in next five years

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said, on Friday, in a press conference in Sibiu (center), that he hopes, in five years time, when Romania will celebrate a century since the Great Union, to have a motorway connecting Muntenia (south) to Transilvania (center-west) and Transilvania to Moldova (east).

„In 2018 we need to take stock of this time. What did Romania achieve in this one hundred years? Is it more prosperous, more united, has more opportunities? (…) I think it will be a celebration then. I also believe it’s a time to take stock and to set some goals. From large ones, till things that may seem less important, but which are essential. After one hundred years we do not have some very good transport links between the regions. We do not have a motorway linking Muntenia to Transilvania and Transilvania to Moldova. I hope to have them by 2018. We do not have other things that would mean a united and evenly developed country”, Victor Ponta also said.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Thursday, July 25, in Sibiu, during a meeting with the local authorities, that he hopes next year to see Arad (west)-Sibiu motorway ready, a large infrastructure work „for all the western part of the country”.

The segment between Arad and Sibiu is part of the Pan-European Corridor IV, which starts in Germany and ends in Istanbul. In Romania, the route passes through Nadlac Arad, Deva, Orastie, Sibiu, Bucharest, Fetesti and Constanta. This includes Bucharest-Constanta motorway and seven motorway segments: Nadlac-Arad lot 2, Arad-Timisoara, Timisoara-Lugoj, Lugoj-Deva, Deva-Orastie, Orastie-Sibiu, Sibiu-Pitesti.(National News Agency AGERPRES)

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