Czech Kopecky driving a Skoda Fabia wins Sibiu Rally leg

Czech Jan Kopecky (Skoda Fabia) on Saturday won the 7th leg out of 12 of the Sibiu Rally included in the European Rally Championships (ERC), having outperformed France’s Francois Delour, 50, driving a Peugeot 207, by three minutes.

This is Kopecky’s 4th win in the current ERC season that was also bolstered by Bryan Bouffier (Peugeot 207) having abandoned the race in the fourth special trial as the French pilot was faced with a suspension issue while driving.

The final standing of the Sibiu Rally after four special trials:

1. Jan Kopecky-Pavel Dresler (the Czech Republic/Skoda Fabia) 2 h 18:07.8

2. Francois Delecour-Dominique Savignoni (France/Peugeot 207) + 3:12.8

3. Toshi Arai-Anthony McLoughlin (Japan-Australia/Subaru Impreza) + 6:03.6 (National News Agency AGERPRES)

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