First section of bridge crossing Danube-Black Sea Canal lifted into place

Builder Tigitrans SA mounted the first metal section of the new road bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal on the main support pylon; the bridge is built by contractor Apolodor Cominpex Ltd for the Constanta National Maritime Ports Administration Company (CN APM).

The section built and fitted by Tigitrans SA on the pylon head on the right bank of the canal is a metal deck weighing 586 tonnes, 57 meters long and 17.5 meters wide, and is basically a segment of the four-lane access strip from A2 motorway and Gate 10 of the Constanta North Port to the Constanta South – Agigea Port.

Tigitrans SA general manager, engineer Nicolae Motocu, said the mounting operation was a great success. „The operating system designed by our experts and the fact that after nearly 10 hours of upward maneuvering we managed to place this huge metal segment into position at the height of 19 meters, with a deviation of only three millimeters, is an undisputable success of Romanian engineering. Just think that in one year we cut and welded over 3,200 tonnes of special metal sheet to turn it into the 18 sections of the bridge,” said Eng. Motocu. The whole maneuver was performed by on-ground and on-water teams with the floating crane GSP Neptun.

The road bridge at the 0 +540 km milestone of the Danube-Black Sea Canal is an investment worth approximately 28 million euros carried out by general contractor Apolodor Comimpex SRL on behalf of CN AMP Constanta, with 70% of the investment covered from European structural funds. The new bridge is placed downstream Agigea Lock between the existing road and rail bridges, and connects the southern and northern part of Constanta Port with A2 motorway Bucharest – Constanta, linking also the north and south of the port and thus curbing heavy traffic from port gates 7 and 10 through Constanta city.

This is designed to be Romania’s biggest cable-stayed bridge, with a maximum height of 65 meters and a maximum span of 200 meters between the pylons. The total length of the bridge, including the access strips, is 2.5 kilometers. The bridge is supported by 16 piers. The main pylon will be 116 meters high. All metal parts, including the 280 meters of the car decks are built in the port of Agigea at the site of Tigitrans S.A.(National News Agency AGERPRES)


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