PM Ponta congratulates Romanian climbers conquering the Nanga Parbat peak


Prime Minister Victor Ponta congratulated the Romanian alpinists who had conquered the Nanga Parbat peak of the Himalayan range.

„This is an amazing, exquisite achievement the more that the team used neither oxygen masks, no Sherpas. Congratulations for this unique conquest!,’ PM Ponta wrote on Facebook, recommending everybody to visit the expedition’s official site

A national premiere, Romanian alpinists Zsolt Torok, Teo Vlad, Marius Gane, Aurel Salasan and Bruno Adamcsek were climbing the Naga Parbat of the Himalayan range, via Shell, on July 19.

According to the team’s leader Zsolt Torok, the expedition to the Nanga Parbat is the best performance of the Romanian alpinism, taking into account the difficulty of climbing the Rupal slope, the number (4 from 5) of the members of the Romanian team who reached the Peak, and that they used neither Sherpas nor oxygen masks.

The expedition whose team was entirely made up of Romanian climbers ended on July 20, and represents a performance of utmost importance for Romaia, a first step taken to its integration among the countries having a long tradition in alpinism.(National News Agency AGERPRES)

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