Traian Basescu, on National Anthem Day: All Romanians should be united around national values

Romania’s President Traian Basescu addresses Romanians a message of unity around national values, on the occasion of the National Anthem Day, celebrated on July 29.

According to a Presidency release remitted to Agerpres on Monday, the Day of Romania’s National Anthem, ‘Desteapta-te, romane !’ (‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’) is a holiday for all Romanians and an occasion for honouring the national symbols and of showing the respect for the heritage left by our ancestors.

‘The National Anthem is a symbol of the national unity emerged from the spirit of the year 1848, which enlivened and inspired courage in Romanians in crucial moments of our history. In these celebration moments, I invite all Romanians to be united around our national values and to honour the National Anthem ‘Desteapta-te, romane!’,’ President Basescu’s message shows. (National News Agency AGERPRES)

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