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Atlantykron 2013 Summer Academy starts

The 24th edition of the Atlantykron 2013 Summer Academy of Learning for Youth, Science, Culture, Art and Sports begins on the island on the Danube river, near the ruins of the ancient Roman Camp of Capidava (southeast, on the Danube River), on Friday, and it lasts for ten days.

According to PR officer Daniela Mironov, Atlantykron is a non-formal academy for the young keen on science, and SF, and the theme of this year edition is Windows into the Future that brings together more than 400 young people from all over Romania, as well as from the US, Italy, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova and India. Among the guests expected to attend the event, and to deliver presentations and teach are Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, the single Romanian who ever flew to the outer space, the Chairman of US National Commission for UNESCO Guy Djoken, the vice-president of the European Science Fiction Society Roberto Quaglia, and the founder of World Genesis Foundation Ph.D. David Anderson, a passionate researcher of time journeys and the founder of the Atlantykron Program Alexandru Mironov

‚It is an unique event in Romania, a place to show scientific demos and to teach art or communication courses, like nowhere else, sitting on the grass, in the open, under the stars. A spiritual place, profoundly connected to the millennial history of the Ancient Roman Camp of Capidava, still standing on the Danube River’s bank. Atlantykron is an isle of the future amid a dusty present. It is a realm of hope, a place where generations of teenagers learn they get the power to rule the world by their brain, their science and good intentions,’ said Daniela Mironov.

To deliver lectures via Skype are personalities who have joined the Atlantykron Project, namely the international expert in health system management Eliot Sorel and Michael Gelb, an absolute authority in programs stimulating and implementing creative thinking.

In 2012, the small island of Atlantykron was the single place in the world where NASA engineers came directly in touch with the audience via Skype and commented live Curiosity’s descent onto Mars.

The Atlantykron Academy for Learning programme is organized by the Center for Complex Studies in partnership with World Genesis Foundation, and the Romanian Academy for Sports and Culture, Bucharest.

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