Urgency of CSAT meeting – justified by pressures applied by Government members, says Presidency

The Presidency points out that the urgency of convening CSAT meeting is justified by „the pressures made by the very members of the Government of Romania” and by Prime Minister Victor Ponta in recent weeks in the respective issue.

„President of Romania Mr. Traian Basescu urgently called for a meeting of the Supreme Council of Country’s Defence today, the second day after the Romanian government requested this formally (the documents on the privatization of CFR Marfa were sent by the Government of Romania to the CSAT Secretariat on Thursday, August 1, this year, at 17:05 local time, after Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta left the country). This urgency is justified by pressures that even the members of the Romanian Government, headed by Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta , have made in recent weeks, asking for this meeting, reasoning that the privatization process has created uncertainty among CFR Marfa staff and their families, but also due to the commitment to complete the privatization process in September „, says a statement of the spokesman for the President, Bogdan Oprea, posted on the website of the Presidential Administration.

Bogdan Oprea is calling on the Government to show „more accountability and accuracy” when providing information to the public.

„We beg the Romanian Government to show more responsibility and accuracy in providing information to the public, to avoid eventual misinformation and to correct the information published in the press release dated July 26, 2013, which says that the „Government of Romania expects further convocation of CSAT by the Romanian President” and that the documents on the privatization of CFR Marfa „have been sent to the Supreme Council of Defence of the Country” (in reality, the documents were sent only after a week, on Thursday, August 1 this year, at 17:05 local time) „, Oprea’s statement emphasizes.

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