Basescu: Gov’t puts pressure in setting precedent of CSAT getting involved in privatisation process


The Government put pressure on the Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) by getting it involved in the privatisation of the Romanian Railways Company (CFR) Freight Division, Romanian President Traian Basescu told reporters at the presidential Cotroceni Palace.

„The Government put pressure in setting a precedent – the CSAT’s getting involved in privatisation processes. I think they had better put pressure on the winner to show the money. I fail to understand why they preferred to involve an institution with no tasks on this matter in a public debate, when the one who really had to do something was the declared winner, who had been praised a lot both by the former transport minister and by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, and who should have showed the money. They declared the privatisation tender to be a success and such success had to yield results. I find that some politicians end up by running away from success”, Basescu stressed

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