Responsibility for CFR Marfa’s privatization is the Government’s not CSAT’s, President Basescu says

The responsibility for CFR Marfa freight rail company’s privatization is the Government’s not of the Supreme Council for Country’s Defense (CSAT), President Basescu told a news conference, stressing that if the problem had been his responsibility, he would have made a decision on it, long time ago.

President Basescu said he was supplied the same information about the privatization of CFR Marfa, like the Government was.

„(…) At one moment, it was publicly said that I would have received different information than the Government. No. there was no different information, but the same as the Government was supplied, and in the CSAT I asked all the information infrastructures, no matter if they belonged to the Ministry of Interior, to the Intelligence Services (SRI), or to the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), they should check whether theysent the same information to the President and the Government. All the structures confirmed they supplied the same information to everybody. As a matter of fact, when some information is sent on a certain segment, downpage each document it is written whereto it had been sent too, and all the documents I received on CFR Marfa, and they were not very many, it stood down page ‘it was sent to the Prime Minister, it was sent to the Minister of Transport. Therefore I claimed the intelligence services and structures to verify whether they had sent the information to those directly interested in it, and I gave them one hour after the end of the CSAT meeting to check whether they had. I was informed there was not the case as all the information had been sent to all the decision-makers”,  said Romania’s President.

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