Vulnerabilities and threats to national security (chairman of Parliamentary Committee for SRI Georgian Pop)

Risks and menaces to the national security are of two kinds: those from abroad, due to the expansion of the globalization and the interdependence of the states, such as the terrorism networks, the cross-border organized crime, the weapon trafficking etc., or the classic ones like the espionage, and those at home, the most visible being the corruption of the public administration, the tax evasion, but also the fragility of the healthcare system, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) activity control Georgian Pop told an interview with the Bursa daily.  

According to Pop, all the control and the checkups the Committee carries out rely on official documents, not on words.

Therefore, the Romanian Intelligence Service cannot afford to do illegal interceptions , given the penal consequences, such an action would have for the doers, said Pop.

As for the thaw of the relations between Romania and Russia, Georgian Pop opines it is important that everybody should understand that our country has a certain strategic orientation, same as Russia has its strategic interests. The current relations to the Russian partners must rely on mutual respect and fairness.

At the same time, it is normal that Romania should look for other resources than the Russian ones to secure its energy independence, and diversify its energy supply routes.

What is for sure is that the energy stake should be a zero priority of our country, for the time span ahead, Georgian Pop stressed.

As for the prepaid SIM cards that one can buy only if they supply personal data, Pop says that Romania currently is the single EU country where you can buy prepaid SIM cards without presenting no personal data.

„At present, there are countries in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia where members of criminal groups bought prepaid SIM cards in Romania, without supplying any personal data and that they activated trough roaming and which they use for terrorist or criminal deeds. And when the intelligence services of the states where that happened identify the phone numbers the ill-doers made use of, they notify the Romania authorities, but they get no answer, because there is no relevant institution to find the owner of that phone number. Therefore the legislative initiative can be seen as a measure aimed at blocking the access of the terrorists or of the members of a organized criminal group, of the corrupt ones, of the ill-doers from both Romania and other countries to the communication ways without they can be identified.’

Delaying the approval of the National Defense Strategy can be seen as an element of vulnerability to the Romania State’s security, says Georgian Pop who adds that he does not deny that ‘ corruption has continued indeed to be at a very high level, but during the latest years things started changing pretty much, in this area as well”.

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