Severin says in no way to resign from European Parliament

Romanian MEP Adrian Severin said on leaving the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) headquarters that in no way is the issue of his resigning from the European Parliament being raised.

„Why should I think of resignation? In no way is the issue of resignation being raised, because no matter what happens from now on, my conscience is totally clear’, Severin said after around four hours’ visit to the DNA.

The Romanian Euro-parliamentarian was summoned on Tuesday to be read the prosecution material in the case dubbed ‘money in exchange of amendments’ reported by The Sunday Times.

‘This is no spontaneous act that somebody uncovered, it is a provoked one or the attempt to provoke an act. Those people had come with the intention of inducing some or others of us to do certain things that are not OK and mostly with the intention of finally proving that we did something that was not OK’, he explained.

Severin stressed he had been reproached nothing, although he had been a privatisation minister and president of the Commercial Arbitration Court. He added he is not considering at present whether to run for another term or not.

The Euro-parliamentarian is to return to the DNA offices in the coming days to examine the file.

On entering the DNA premises, Severin reiterated the file is a ‘set-up’ contrived from abroad, insisted that he had filed no amendment and had accepted no money for such a move.

‘Neither did I pledge, nor did I make any moves to persuade somebody else to file amendments, to modify the European law. /…/ What I did was to close a consultancy contract that was certified by the European Parliament, which is perfectly all right and which I carried out’, he insisted.

Severin is being prosecuted in this case for bribe-taking, influence peddling, using or showing fake, incorrect or incomplete documents or declarations, which resulted in unlawfully getting funds from the general budget of the European Communities or from the budgets managed by them, with very serious consequences.

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