Chamber of Deputies Speaker disapproves approach by the four MPs who recently travelled to Taiwan

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Valeriu Zgonea said that he disapproves the four parliamentarians who recently traveled to Taiwan, without having been empowered by the Romanian State.

„I strongly disapprove the conduct of the four parliamentarians who misused their MP position and were officially welcomed in Taiwan without having been mandated by the Romanian State. But, experienced MPs should be more reserved and no longer accept official visits paid by the foreign officials whose country has no official relations to the Romanian State,’ Speaker Zgonea told Romania TV.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) informed on Thursday that it strongly disapproves the visits some Romanian State officials, parliamentarians included pay to countries like Taiwan which Romania has not acknowledged, and it announced that Romania’s Foreign Minister ordered the withdrawal of the diplomatic passport of one of the delegation’s members.
MAE notification comes after the media informed that four deputies, namely the independent Remus Cernea, the Social Democrats Ninel Peia and Ovidiu Iane and the Democrat Liberal Costica Canacheu recently traveled to Taipei.

The Chamber of Deputies specified that the visit the Romanian Parliamentary Group paid to Taiwan was not official and it was not approved by the Chamber’s heads.

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