USL and Ponta Gov’t – a blessing for company liquidators (PDL’s Predoiu)


First deputy chairman of the opposition’s Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Catalin Predoiu criticized in Deva (Hunedoara County, western Romania) the tax policy pursued by the Social Liberal Union (USL) and the government, considering that companies will be driven into bankruptcy by the taxes imposed on companies, whilst liquidators are thriving.

Predoiu said that the number of taxes charged on companies has increased and that the employers are facing difficulties in carrying out their business, which also affects the creation of jobs.

„Over 20 new taxes appeared lately that just kill a company’s engines. I am talking to people who tell me: I cannot take any more, if one observes all the rules and pays all the taxes one ends up in bankruptcy for sure. So USL and the Ponta Government are a blessing for liquidators. I have colleagues who are lawyers and act as liquidators. They heartily thank Heaven and say: O God, just keep them going like that, because never in my career as a liquidator have I had so much work to do liquidating companies and filing for bankruptcy,” said the PDL leader.

The PDL first deputy chairman also said that the Government’s tax policies are „a failure” as concerns the relaunch of small and medium-sized businesses. Predoiu mentioned that he has meetings entered in his agenda with business people from the SMEs sector to work out a project to simplify legislation and reduce labor taxation, with a view to developing the business milieu.

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