MAE condemning statements on ethnic autonomy by leader of Hungarian nationalist radical party

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is strongly condemning and rejecting the statements made on Saturday at the Joseni summer camp, in the central Romanian county of Harghita, in relation to autonomy along ethnic lines, MAE reports in a press release.

 MAE says such topic runs contrary to the certified European standards in force for national minorities, adding that it is expecting the Hungarian Government to disassociate itself from the statements by national leader of the Hungarian nationalist radical party Jobbik Gabor Vona made at Joseni.

‘As far as the autonomy along ethnic lines is concerned, MAE is pointing out that this is not part of the sanctioned European standards currently in force for the national minorities, and neither are the so-called collective rights for national minorities that are conceptually excluded from the bilateral relation between Romania and Hungary under their basic political treaty of 1996,’ reads the release.

As far as the claim that in order to solve the so-called problem of Romanian Magyars by pledging a conflict between Romania and Hungary goes, MAE believes this is extremely serious and in breach with European spirit and principles.

‘The statement blatantly breaches the contemporary European spirit and realities, international law principles, the basic political treaty ad the bilateral strategic partnership. Such positioning is completely outdated and must be firmly condemned by all the responsible players of Romania, Hungary, and Europe in general,” reads the release.

MAE ‘repudiates any extremists display or statements occurring in Romania, and it points out that it has to take a public stance for the second time in one month against ‘statements made by Hungarian state officials at summer schools or camps hosted on the sovereign soil of Romania that are in dissonance with the Strategic partnership between Romania and Hungary for the 21st century.’

National leader of the Hungarian nationalist radical party Jobbik Gabor Vona on Saturday blamed the incumbent Hungarian Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban for its failure to raise the issues of the post-WWI Trianon peace treaty and the autonomy of the self-styled Szeklers’ Land in international forums, MTI news agency quotes Vona as having told the camp of Hungarian Youth of Transylvania at Bozot, Harghita County.

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