MAE: Only members of diplomatic staff can be declared personae non gratae

Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) says in a press release that according to the UN Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, only members of diplomatic staff can be declared personae non gratae.

MAE’s mention is in reply to a request by MP Bogdan Diaconu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major in the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL), Bogdan Diaconu that controversial national leader of the nationalist radical Hungarian party of Jobbik be declared persona non grata in Romania.

‘Under Article 9 of the 1961 UN Convention on Diplomatic Relations, declaring a foreign individual persona non grata is applicable to a member of the diplomatic staff only. Following a preliminary analysis, MAE argues that the alleged extremist statements that incites hatred and violence on ethnic grounds could entail accountability under common law, given the existence of pieces of legislation such as the Romanian Government’s Emergency Ordinance 31 of March 13, 2002 concerning a ban on organisations and symbols of a racist or xenophobic nature as well as on the promotion of the cult of persons convicted of crimes against peace and humanity,’ MAE explains.

It adds that in the case of such offences, criminal investigation has to be mandatorily performed by a prosecutor.

PSD MP Bogdan Diaconu has requested the MAE to declare Jobbik’s national leader Gabor Vona persona non grata in Romania announcing that it will submit to Parliament at the start of the next session a draft piece of legislation banning extremism.

National leader of the Hungarian nationalist radical party Jobbik Gabor Vona on Saturday blamed the incumbent Hungarian Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban for its failure to raise the issues of the post-WWI Trianon peace treaty and the autonomy of the self-styled Szeklers’ Land in international forums, MTI news agency quotes Vona as having told the camp of Hungarian Youth of Transylvania at Bozot, Harghita County.

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