Antonescu: A gesture sanctioning Tokes’ anti-Romanian attitude would be withdrawing Star of Romania distinction

Traian Basescu should withdraw MEP Tokes Laszlo the Star of Romania order, in Knight Rank, as a gesture ‘sanctioning’ his anti-Romanian attitude, National Liberal Party Chairman Crin Antonescu said.

The PNL leader made this statement in the context in which he was asked if the leader of the Hungarian extremist party Jobbik, Gabor Vona, should be declared an undesirable person.

‘Yes [Gabor Vona should be declared undesirable person], only we have a problem, [namely] Mr Tokes Laszlo. Even if I have adopted, I believe each time, even before becoming Chairman of the Party (…) firm, clear positions in front of his statements, I have never had a so-called hysterical attitude in report with Mr Tokes. I have never tried to contribute to exhortations against him or to his portrayal as an evil person. I have never questioned, for instance and I have never protested the moment when Mr Laszlo Tokes, in spite of his long anti-Romanian career, was decorated by the same President Traian Basescu. I tried to understand then that he was decorated with the Star of Romania, in Knight Rank, a high distinction of the Romanian state, for his role in the Revolution of December 1989,’ the Liberals’ Chairman pointed out.

He also maintained that Vona Gabor did not mean anything, showing that the party he ruled represented ‘a point of embarrassment for Europe.’


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