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Cap for „First Home” programme, supplemented by about 45 million euros

The cap for ‘First Home’ programme will be supplemented by about 45 million euros (200 million lei), an amount exclusively devoted to guaranteeing the funding for the purchase of homes built by the National Agency for Housing (ANL), according to a resolution draft released on the Public Finance Ministry (MFP) website.

‘The resolution draft submitted to approval proposes the supplementing of the guarantee cap devoted to the purchase of homes built through ANL, by 200 million lei, so the guarantee cap for the homes built through ANL accounts for about 113 million euros (500 million lei), of the total additional cap worth about 271 million euros (1.2 billion lei), corresponding to homes purchased through ‘First Home’ governmental programme,’ the explanatory note of the resolution draft points out.

ANL has conducted for several years the home construction programme for youth devoted to renting, with the possibility of purchase by the tenants after one year of continuous renting. Since 2001, ANL built 30,840 housing units, out of which the legal regime for 26,625 homes was established, going to the property of the Romanian state, thus meeting a first sale condition.

On July 30, 2013, the Regional Development and Public Administration Ministry issued an order establishing the value of replacement per square metre, for 2013, for the sale of these homes, at 326 euros, VAT included.

The guarantees worth 113 million euros (500 million lei), which could be granted through ‘First Home’ programme, cover the purchase of 8,485 ANL homes.

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