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Romanians of Serbia and Bulgaria demanding uninterested diplomats be recalled


At the Summer University at Izvorul Muresului, representatives of the Romanian communities of Serbia, the Timok Valley, and Bulgaria demanded that some Romanian diplomats on mission in their areas be recalled, as they accuse them of working against the interests of the Romanians, instead of supporting their actions for preserving the national identity.

Chairman of the Union of Ethnic Romanians of Bulgaria Ivo Gheorghiev demanded that Romania’s ambassador in Sofia Anton Pacuretu be recalled as he claims the diplomat is playing the game of Bulgarian ultranationalists while failing to see the issues facing the local Romanians, who do not have school tuition, church services or mass media in their mother tongue.

Chairman of the Ariadnae Filum Association of the Timok Valley Zavisa Jurj said in his turm that Romania’s general consul at Zaicear should be recalled as the consul is allegedly supporting Romanian organisations and parties created by Serbians working against the interests of the local Romanian community and the local Romanian Christian Orthodox Church.
The Romanian diplomatic corps in Serbia and Bulgaria were harshly criticised by Executive Chairman of the National Foundations for Romanian Everywhere Eugen Popescu, who deemed them the worst Romania have outside its national borders. Popescu also said that most of the alleged diplomats have no rapport with the local Romanian communities.

All these issues will be introduced to Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean, who will be at the Izvorul Muresului Summer University on Wednesday.


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