Victor Ponta: I signed for publication in Official Gazette of Government decision on CFR Marfa

Prime Minister Victor Ponta told, on RTV station, that he sent for publication, in the Official Gazette, the Government Decision on privatization of CFR Marfa, given that, following the presentation by his cabinet colleagues in the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) focused on this subject, the head of state and representatives of the intelligence services stressed there were no indications set to bring into discussion continuation of sales procedures in this case.

The Prime Minister stressed he found out CSAT was convened by President Basescu on the issue of CFR Marfa after getting off the plane, at arrival from the U.S., where he spent his vacation.

Regarding his vacation in the U.S.A., Victor Ponta said he was in America as he announced two months ago.

„All my colleagues knew very well that, between August 1 and 10, I go there. I went with my family, with the two children and with Daciana, who are very important to me as I think the family, children are for any normal person, in a place where, beyond a visit to Disneyland, I had my phone off, I did not read any press. I came back refreshed and ready to work”, the Premier pointed out.

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