Justice Ministry assesses draft law on suspending special pensions of communist torturers

Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc, in the beginning of the Government meeting, said that the Justice Ministry was assessing a draft law on suspending the special pensions of communist torturers.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta demanded the Justice Ministry to find solutions in this case and to discuss with the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Constitutional Court of Romania.

‘I take the responsibility and, together with you, (…) if we have any sign of prosecution initiation from the Prosecutors’ Office or a small legal support, we suspend [the torturers] the [special] pension payment until the trial is judged. They will probably send us to court,’ Ponta said, showing his outrage with what was going on.

Moreover, the Prime Minister asked the Justice Minister to send Parliament, on September 1, the law cancelling the pensions of magistrates with final sentences on corruption charges.

In this context, Robert Cazanciuc announced that the law would be on the CSM agenda next week.

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