„Titans’ Horse” – largest equestrian statue, exhibited in Titan Park of Bucharest

The largest equestrian statue of Romania, ‘Titans’ Horse’ – made by young iron sculptress Misha Diaconu, was exhibited in Titan Park of Capital’s Sector 3.

 The artist thought ‘Titans’ Horse’ starting from the idea of sturdiness, dynamic. ‘From a compositional point of view, I thought it is better to have more monumentality. Taking into account it is an over seven-metre structure, I resorted to a vertical composition,’ the sculptress said, according to a release.

The work, which has over 1,600 kilograms of iron and a 7.5-metre height, was created using the Repossage technique and Misha Diaconu worked on it for two years.

The statue inaugurated the Creation Camp ‘Third Millennium Sculpture – Eco-Art-Music’ and will be exhibited all through the Camp, until August 31.

Sculptors Bogdan Hojbota, Misha Diaconu, Carmen Tepsan, Corneliu Tache, Mara Breza and Titi Ceara will create works within the camp and, at the end, the six works in marble, wood and steel will remain in Titan Park.

Misha Diaconu had the first personal exhibition at Imbold, Galeria – ‘Matter and spirit’ (January 2013) and has recently continued with the second personal exhibition ‘Broken Hearts’ Orchestra,’ at Mogosoaia Palace.

One of the most promising sculptors in metal, Misha Diaconu is most often associated with sculptures placed in unconventional spaces of Bucharest, spaces usually exposed to intense traffic: ‘Violoncello,’ permanently exhibited at the Museum of Visual Art, Galati, ‘Harlequin,’ exhibited in Romana Square (Idelier) in the period 2010-2011, numerous permanent sculptures and installations – Atelierul de Productie, Bucharest (2011-present).

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