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Tolosa (IMF): New agreement says nothing about tax increases to affect the entire population

The new agreement concluded by Romania with the International Monetary Fund says nothing about such increases in the taxes to affect the entire population of the country, in the context in which the single amendments to the taxation system are related to excise duties on luxury products and social insurance contributions in the case of revenues from rentals, Guillermo Tolosa, the representative in Romania of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) told Agerpres in an interview.

Tolosa said in the interview that the programme referring to the privatisation of state-owned companies didn’t suffer any delay and the first public offers will be held this year.

‘Yes, we believe this autumn will appear some opportunities on the market, which is expected to normalize, after certain turmoils in the emergent markets seem in May-June. However, the situation is now coming back to normal, so that in the autumn everything will be set for the sales process of state-owned companies. We can’t predict exactly what will happen in autumn, but, as I see things in this moment, the government must continue with the maturization of these public offers’, Tolosa stated.

Referring to the increases in taxes, the IMF representative in Romania added: ‘There existed discussions and articles in the media according to which the new agreement with the IMF stipulates increases in taxes and I want to say it very clear that it was only about some luxury products, such as yachts for instance. This agreement did not target such increases in taxes to affect the entire population of the country. Those amendment were only brought in the case of some specific luxury products, which means only a small part of the population will be affected. And there could also be some changes in the taxes charged on revenues from rentals’.

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