Basescu: Those thinking Transylvania could be subject to negotiation do nothing but disappoint us

President Traian Basescu said during a visit to Oarba de Mures (central Romania) on Thursday that the historical Romanian province of Transylvania is not subject to negotiation or discussion and those who think otherwise do nothing but disappoint.

‘We must all understand that patriotism is a thing nobody gives you, you either have it or you don’t and then, when we hear Romanian citizens saying they would like Transylvania to be under a diktat you can only be shocked, you ask yourself what kind of people, what kind of Romanian citizens are they. I was stunned by such a demand made by a person having Romanian citizenship. I was stunned because I considered him to be a symbol of the Romanian (1989) Revolution. Unfortunately, people who think like this, namely that Transylvania could be subject to discussion, to negotiation do nothing but disappoint us, no matter what they might have done in their past’, said Basescu on attending the 3rd edition of At Oarba and At Iernut Traditional Patriotic Song Festival.

He explained he never stops evoking that incident, because in his capacity of a head of state that remark had come as a shock and that is the reason why he had made his attendance at Oarba de Mures a priority.

‘It is not easy to forget history. Today, here, at Oarba de Mures we all know that Transylvania cost the Romanian people enormously and the Romanian people gave neither money nor favours, but gave its blood for Transylvania. I came here, first and foremost, out of respect for those who sacrificed their lives in September-October 1944 for Transylvania in general and for Western Transylvania in particular’, the Romanian leader underscored.

Romanian MEP Tokes Laszlo has recently urged Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Summer University held at Baile Tusnad (central Romania) to establish a national cooperation system so as to offer Transylvania protectorate, in the same manner that Austria did with Southern Tyrol.

He made the remarks in answer to a question about the unity and solidarity of all Hungarians everywhere and he stressed such thing is needed, but one must see what is the price for achieving such unity.

Tokes said specialists should be looked for to create a flag of Transylvania, ‘in the same way that the Szeklers have’ and to proceed on the way to autonomy.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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