Culture Minister and parliamentarians pay visit to Rosia Montana

Culture Minister Daniel Barbu and members of the joint standing committee of the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate for the relation with UNESCO will pay a visit to Rosia Montana on Tuesday, where they will have meetings with representatives of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMCG), of local and county authorities, as well as with representatives of non-governmental organisations for and against the mining exploitation.

According to schedule, the visit to Rosia Montana will begin on Tuesday morning with a meeting with representatives of RMGC, followed by a visit to the quarry, the underground galleries, the Mining Museum and some restored buildings.

The Culture Minister and the members of the parliamentarian committee will also meet the mayors of some localities in the area – Rosia Montana, Abrud, Campeni, Albac, Bistra, Bucium, Ciuruleasa, Lupsa – , as well as with representatives of the County Council and of Alba Prefect’s Institution.

Afterwards, they have scheduled a meeting with representatives of some NGOs, both for and against the mining exploitation, namely with those of Alburnus Maior Association, Viitorul Mineritului Trade Union, Pro Rosia Montana Association, Heritage, etc.

The debates and conclusions within the committee will be followed by a press conference the parliamentarians together with Culture Minister Daniel Barbu will hold.

RMGC, a company established in 1997, until present invested over 400 million dollars in the mining project at Rosia Montana, in the conditions in which it has not initiated yet the exploitation of the gold-silver ore. The mining project not only has supporters, but also opponents – non-governmental organisations, culture people, politicians, etc.

The state-owned mine at Rosia Montana, Rosia Min, was closed down in 2007. The historical evidence show that the mining activity at Rosia Montana began before the first century BC.

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