Gazprom Neft finds oil&gas at Jimbolia, western Romania

Gazprom Neft company via its Serbian subsidiary NIS has discovered oil and gas at Jimbolia site, in western Romania at the second phase of a test oil drill, said company Zeta Petroleum, NIS partner in this concession, in a release.

NIS holds a 51 percent stake in this site, Zeta Petroleum holds 39 percent and Armax Gaz 10 percent.

During the tests, the top crude production amounted to the equivalent of 24 barrels a day and the gas output stood at 22,248 cubic metres a day.

„The operator (NIS – editor’s note) will use the conventional standard methods (successfully used at the nearby Jimbolia 6 oil drill) in order to improve the production at this drill and confirm that commercial production can be attained. It is expected the results of such extended testing operations be available in September 2013”, the release announced.

No hydrocarbon deposits were found at the first phase of the testing by this drill in July. However, works conducted in early August have revealed the mentioned production. The works are being fully funded by NIS.

Serbian company NIS is owned by Gazprom Neft, the oil division of the Russian state giant. According to the company’s website, NIS is operating five sites in western Romania and anticipates the commercial oil and gas production will begin in 2014-2015.

Gazprom has plans in Romania in the fuel marketing too.

Gazprom Neft deputy CEO Kirill Kravchenko, who was visiting Romania to open Gazprom petrol station located on the Bucharest-Pitesti motorway in early July, had said the Russian group plans to own 50 petrol stations in Romania by end-2013 and 120 by 2015, on an investment totalling more than 150 million euros. The company currently operates 12 petrol stations in the Romanian market.

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