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Ponta: In 2013 there will be no salary rises and taxes and fees will not increase

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that there would be no salary rises in 2013 and taxes and fees will not increase till the end of this year.

‘Till the end of this year no taxes will increase. It is only the excise for yachts, clocks and watches and alcohol. If somebody scolds me for increasing the excise for clocks and watches in order to cut the VAT for bread, I am quite happy. Starting on January 2014, in order to make up for the fact that we no longer take the contribution for health from pensioners living on a pension under 740 lei, pensioners that also have incomes from rents pay 5.5 percent for health,’ the Premier told the Antena 3 TV station.

When asked if the Romanians can hope for salary rises, Ponta said: ‘Not this year!’

On the other hand, the Premier emphasized the fact that in July Romania collected 731 million euros from European funds and in six years they collected about one billion euros.

Ponta added that he wanted to talk with all the parliamentary groups about building the budget for 2014.

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