Romania asks EU Commission over bln. 4.1 euros

The value of the structural cohesion funds Romania asked the EU Commission to pay, amounted to over 4.1 billion euros, on Aug 9, 2013, informs the Ministry of European Funds (MFE) release.

‘The value of the structural cohesion funds asked the EU Commission to repay to Romania amounted to over 4.1 billion euros, on Aug 9, 2013. Subsequently the current EU funds absorption rate exceeds 21 percent. From May 1, 2012 till Aug 9, 2013, Romania asked the payment of over 2.46 billion euros of the structural cohesion funds, whereas the documents sent to the EU Commission during Jan. 1, 2007- April 30, 2012 covered only 1.63 billions euros,’ the abovementioned release reads.

According to MFE, the money currently asked to be paid to Romania is by 150 percent more than that due on May 1, 2012, and the EU funds the European Commission sent to Romania amounted to round 3.7 billion euros, on Aug 9.

Likewise, the EU Commission paid Romania funds exceeding 2.24 billion euros, over May 2012 – Aug 9. Thus, the value of the money to be paid went up more than 156 percent compared to the money paid till May 1, 2012.

‘This year, The EU Commission paid Romania over 1.47 billion euros. Funds higher than 1.2 euros from it went to Romania to resume payments in three programmes, as a result of the measures Romania’s Government enacted. This fall, the EU Commission is expected to decide to resume payments to Romania also through the Sectoral Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness, the sole programme remained pre-suspended,’ the same source reads, citing Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici as saying.

MFE also mentions that the EU Commission, this year has resumed payments through three programmes that had been previously blocked due too the disparities occurred in the implementation of the EU funds, during 2000 – 2011.


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