Gov’t, UNICEF sign action plan for strategic partnership to children’s benefit

Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean, Labour Minister Mariana Campeanu and UNICEF representative in Romania Sandie Blanchet signed an Action Plan for the implementation of the Partnership between the Government of Romania and UNICEF for 2013-17.

‘This action plan is not a document merely ascertaining a state of fact, but quite the contrary, it identifies solutions and sets a prospective time for their implementation’, Corlatean said at the ministry’s headquarters.

He added the Romanian authorities’ goal is to achieve an integrated system to monitor the child’s rights and underscored the signed document helps attaining this goal, while at the same time offering a basis for cooperation. He also spoke of the need to adopt measures to narrow the social gaps and explained the action plan offers a framework conducive to this objective.

Campeanu, in turn, said the partnership is a guarantee that good results will also be obtained in the future with respect to the child’s rights. The labour minister added UNICEF is an active partner, that had taken part in working out the laws settling the child’s rights.

UNICEF’s Blanchet stressed Romania has made substantial progress on respecting and implementing the child’s rights, but she pointed out there still are many children who need support in order to be able to grow in a family environment and to develop harmoniously.

The signed document sets the main lines for the actions that the Government will develop in partnership with UNICEF in the next five years to the Romanian children’s benefit and particularly to the benefit of the most vulnerable of them, who live in destitute urban and rural areas and in isolated communities. The act lays stress on pursuing with the reform for the full achievement of the child’s rights particularly in such areas as education and social security, mostly for the children aged between zero and three years and for the teenagers.

The partnership programme will, for the first time, include the direct support by UNICEF of the planning and implementation of the EU funds by Romania with a view to streamlining the efforts aimed at making sure that the recommendations relating the respect of the child’s rights and cutting the differences and inequity between Romania and the rest of the European Union are accomplished.

Thus, UNICEF will use its international, regional and local experience in order to offer Romania technical assistance to muster the resources to the benefit of the vulnerable children, no matter wherefrom the respective resources come: from the national budget or local budgets, from structural funds or other sources.

The total value of the UNICEF contribution under the new programme for 2013-17 goes higher than 16 million dollars.

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