Ambassador Jinga: Romania has zero tolerance to any kind of antisocial deeds

The message we have constantly conveyed to our British partners is that the Bucharest authorities and Romania’s Embassy in London have zero tolerance to any kind of antisocial deeds, that we want to protect Romania’s image and the good reputation of the Romanians living in Great Britain, said Romania’s Ambassador in London Ion Jinga in an interview.

Our embassy is interested both in the enforcement of the laws and the social assistance to the Romanian citizens that are in these situations and in this respect we are involved in several projects with the British authorities and the civil society of Great Britain, added the diplomat.

As I am Romania’s Ambassador to Great Britain, I cannot comment on the statements made by some officials from other states, said Jinga. But what I can say without hesitation is that the free movement of persons is a fundamental right of the community construction and includes the right of citizens from any EU state to move freely to the other member states in order to have a job and live in the territory of the state in question together with their families. This right must benefit all the European citizens, the Dutch ones included, who took up their residence in another state than their country of origin.

Limiting this principle, for the mere reason that Europe feels the effects of the economic crisis, would be tantamount to denying the very essence of the European Union, one of whose founders was the Netherlands, a state where the free movement of persons has deep historical roots – let us only remember that some of the greatest navigators and promoters of free trade, but also enlightened thinkers and artists were Dutch.

As for the concern with combating the exploitation of migrant workers, but also the possible abuses to the system of social benefits, the very removal of restrictions on the access to the labour market in all the states of the European Union will give a legal status to the workers that are already in the countries under consideration, who would thus benefit by equal rights and by protection similar to the one given to the local workers. During the bilateral meetings with the British partners the Romanian authorities stated their openness to the cooperation in any aspects connected to the presence of the Romanian workers in the United Kingdom. I am sure that they stated the same willingness in the dialogue with all the EU states where there are Romanian communities, also said the diplomat.

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