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EU funds absorption rate is 21.35 pct in mid-August

The value of expenditure statements Romania referred to the European Commission (EC) was 4.1 billion euros on August 16, which stands for a current absorption rate of 21.35% of the EU allocation, shows a post on the Facebook page of the Ministry for European Funds (MFE).

 According to the cited source, 5.78 billion euros were received from the EU, representing 30.09% of the 2007-2013 EU allocation. From these funds, refunded interim payments stood at 3.67 billion euros, which accounts for 19.14% of the 2007-2013 EU allocation.

As many as 39,213 projects worth a total of approximately 68.5 bln euros were submitted for the seven operational programs; of this amount, 44.5 billion euros represent the EU contribution. A number of 12,495 projects worth a total of about 32.1 billion euros were approved. Of this latter figure, about 19.3 billion euros stand for the EU contribution. Also, 9,767 financing contracts have been signed with the beneficiaries, with an eligible value of 22.2 billion euros of which EU funding accounts for roughly 17.5 billion euros. Total payments to beneficiaries (prefinancing and refunds), except for VAT reimbursements, amounted to about 6.28 billion euros, reads the post of the Ministry for European Funds.

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