President Basescu: Our position on Syria relates to prudence; Romania to display solidarity with its allies

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday said Romania has its own analyses of the use of toxic gases in Syria but it will not take a stance before the UN experts do, pointing out that Romania’s position relates to prudence but also to solidarity with its allies.

‘We have our own analyses of the use of toxic gases in Syria, but we have no certainty. Immediately after it has a position of the UN experts, Romania will issue a statement. Until then, we have only unconfirmed information. We are certainly excluding the possibility of having any kind of relations with a state that might have used toxic gas in battle, irrespective of its name. But until then, our position relates to prudence,’ Basescu told the Annual Meeting of Romania’s Diplomacy held in Bucharest.

He pointed out that to Romania, ‘consistency and prudence are of the essence.’

‘Of course, our prudence has a limit that shows up when asked to display solidarity with our allies. We will do so unreservedly. Until then, I opt for prudence and for preserving the foreign policy lines we have had so far on Middle East, Syria and the Arab Spring. Yet, prudence will not go as far as to not displaying solidarity with our allies if the Security Council, NATO or Western countries decide one way or another. We will display solidarity with our allies,’ said Basescu.

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