Romania average temperatures set to gain over 4 degrees Celsius in next 50 – 100 years

According to weather forecasts, average temperatures in Romania will grow by over four degrees Celsius in the next 50 years, especially in the south of the country, shows the Annex to the Government’s Resolution approving the 2013-2020 National Strategy on Climate Change published in the Official Journal.

Although Romania will further experience a temperate climate with four seasons, the changes estimated by experts for the next 50 – 100 years reveal that nationwide average temperatures will grow by two degrees Celsius in winter and by over three degrees Celsius in the summer season (3.5 degrees Celsius to 4.3 degrees Celsius in the south of the country).

According to the document, in areas outside the Carpathian arch, in particular, winter temperatures will be higher, while southern and southeastern areas will experience higher temperatures in the summer season, with urban areas being the most affected, due to high density of constructions.

As far as precipitations are concerned, forecasters expect higher quantities in short periods of time and on reduced surfaces, resulting in a higher frequency of flash-floods. On the other hand, longer dry periods will also gain ground, leading to a shortage of water resources, higher forest fire risk, loss of biodiversity, degradation of the soil and ecosystems, and desertification.

The government approved on July 25 the 2013 – 2020 National Climate Change Strategy which takes into account the EU policy on climate change and the relevant documents developed at European level, as well as the experience and knowledge acquired in actions of cooperation with foreign partners and prestigious international institutions.

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