President Basescu: Romania will display solidarity with NATO, EU allies if intervention okayed in Syria

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday said Romania will display solidarity with its NATO and EU allies if they agree on an intervention in Syria, but until then prudence will be Romania’s operative word.

‘Romania’s point of view was officially stated yesterday, namely Romania is taking a prudent stance. Romania is waiting for an assessment of UN experts currently in Syria to find out who used toxic gases and only then will it issue a statement. This is because we are starting from the premise that prudence is the operative word,’ Basescu told a joint press conference with his Slovakian counterpart in reply to what Romania’s stance would be in the case of an intervention in Syria.

In the same context, President Basescu mentioned the effects of the Arab Spring, pointing out that the enthusiasm of that moment has turned into regional instability.

‘If our allies establish intervention in Syria, Romania will display solidarity with its NATO and EU allies. Until then, Romania is using just one word: prudence,’ said Basescu.

President Traian Basescu is paying an official visit to Slovakia Wednesday and Thursday.

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