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Antonescu: First round of presidential elections – optimum date for Constitution revision referendum

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL, a member of the ruling Social Liberal Union alliance) Crin Antonescu said on Friday that the first round of presidential elections would be a suitable date to call the referendum on the revision of the Constitution; he also pointed out that as regards the number of regions Romania would be reorganized into, the entire related process should be such as not to complicate things.

„The Constitution amendment draft, at least in a first version, is complete. We must make a tactical decision now. From our point of view, a referendum under the terms of the Constitutional Court ruling I no longer discuss, but which we don’t have the power to change, is welcome if the Romanian citizens have the chance to really pronounce themselves, to see their vote counting, therefore it will be probably deferred to next year. We will make the final decision on this matter after we consult with our partners in the USL,” Antonescu said after the meeting of the PNL Standing Delegation.

He was asked if he considers the first round of presidential elections to be the optimal date for the referendum on the amendment of the Fundamental Law.

„The regionalization variants are still under debate. As far as the referendum date is concerned, under the terms of the CCR ruling which is not ours and which we cannot influence, yes, the first round of the presidential elections would be a suitable date,’ Antonescu said.

The Liberal leader was asked if he agrees with the organization of ten regions, as the Social-Democrats suggest.

„Lots of arguments speak equally for eight, ten or 12 regions. I don’t think that the number is essential, but the envisaged overhaul and functioning of the institutions so that regionalization should not mean complicating things, but simplifying them,” Antonescu said.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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