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MAE’s Ciamba: Romania believes European elections will test trust in the EU design


The elections to the European Parliament of May 2014 will be a real test of the European citizens’ trust in the EU design, State Secretary with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) George Ciamba told an informal meeting in Vilnius on Friday.

He added that Romania, together with the other European Union member states, is supporting the measures aimed at consolidating the democratic legitimacy of the European Parliament, the open and democratic nature of the European Union. In this respect, a wide participation of the European citizens in the European elections is needed, MAE reports in a press release.

Ciamba also pointed to the importance of recognising and promoting the success stories of the EU amidst structural reform discussions, mentioning to the point some member states, Romania and Lithuania including, getting out of the excessive deficit procedure.

Ciamba also underscored the major part played by the consolidation of the fundamental pillars of the European design, such as the single market, while observing the four fundamental freedoms of the EU, including the freedom of movement of EU citizens, in overcoming the economic crisis.

Talks revealed the importance of focusing electoral debates on identifying European answers to the citizens’ daily issues, highlighting the positive signals conveyed by the recent data concerning the European economic prospects.

MAE also says the meeting underscored the need to avoid the escalation of populist and xenophobic rhetoric as well as the electoral ascent of extremist political forces.

At the same time, in the context of the 2014 European elections, aspects of improving the operation of the European Parliament – European Council -European Commission institutional triangle were discussed.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)


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