President Basescu wishes happy anniversary to Romanians and Romanian speakers

President Traian Basescu has congratulated the Romanians on the Romanian Language Day celebrated on August 31 and has stressed the day celebrates one of the most important symbols of the national identity.

‘We celebrate the Romanian Language Day on August 31, starting this year, a day in which the Romanians and the Romanian speakers from everywhere honour one of the most important symbols of our national identity. Around 30 million Romanian speakers live in the world today and for nearly 25 million of them Romanian is their mother-tongue’, Basescu said in a message.

The Romanian leader underscored we have the duty to preserve and cultivate the Romanian language ‘as a foundation of our spirituality and culture’, since it represents the expression of a common destiny and solidarity by which the people asserts its own identity in the world.

‘My thoughts, on this day, go to all the Romanians, but mostly to those living in the communities outside the country’s borders, for whom Romanian remains the most important and valuable element of their national identity. Therefore, on this occasion, I wish to communicate them my full support and appreciation for the efforts they are making so as to keep the Romanian language alive in their families and communities, sometimes even at the price of facing much hardship and hostility. /…/ Happy anniversary, Romanians, happy anniversary, Romanian speakers!’, the president said.

The Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies passed a law on this Feb. 19 establishing August 31 as the Romanian Language Day, an act that the Romanian president signed into law on March 13.

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