Bucharest residents called to referendum to decide stray dogs’ fate on Oct. 6

The Bucharest councilors voted for organizing a local referendum on managing the Capital’s stray dogs as proposed by Mayor Sorin Oprescu, with the poll to be held on Oct. 6.

 As many as 31 councilors voted for the move, six were against, while the opposition Democratic Liberal (PDL) councilors left the room.

According to the draft resolution, the Bucharest residents are to answer by Yes or No to the question: ‘Do you agree with euthanizing the stray dogs seized on the public property of Bucharest municipality, which have failed to be adopted within the deadline set by the law?’

The expenditure incurred by the organization and conduct of the vote is fully borne by Bucharest’s own 2013 budget, which will be thus beefed up by an additional six million lei to fund the referendum organization costs. Such additional amount will be assigned by cutting the same size from the Budget Reserve Fund available the local authorities.

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